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Good Design Leads to Strong Consumer Interaction

In a world where just about every business is online in some form or fashion, a business’s website is often people’s first and only interaction with your business. It’s essential to think about how to make your site the answer to your potential customers’ problems. How would someone feel about your business right now as…
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4 Tips To Make Your Website Amazing

Remember the last time you were looking for something and hit a website that was so bad you could not hit the back button fast enough? Nothing is worse than needing something, searching online, and not being able to find or trust the answers. Then, like magic, you hit a site, and all your questions…
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5 Tips for Smarter CBD Branding

In the last six months to a year, the benefits of CBD oil have come front and centered and blown the industry wide open. If you’re looking to leverage this new opportunity by selling on the side in your free time or going all in and opening your own CBD shop, here are five tips…
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Web Designer EDC

Growing up watching Macgyver it’s only natural I became a gadget nerds, so I thought I would take this change for a Designers’ EDC. The following Every Day Carry items are indispensable in my day to day whether I’m headed to the office in down town San Antonio or looking for a change of atmosphere…
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5 Design Tips that Actually Work

Here at inkmark, I like to see small business succeed and have beautiful websites that sell. With all the terrible advice on the internet, it’s time for a few design tips that actually work and will help you get the message you want your customers to receive so they are more inclined to buy what…
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