My 6-Step


Over the last 12 years through experience and invaluable opportunities working with businesses of all shapes and sizes across nearly every industry imaginable I've been able to refine my design process for repeatable success.

Step 1


Every creative journey starts with getting to know your business, your brand and most importantly, you. This understanding serves as one of the foundational elements of all our strategy and design work to follow.

Most web design and logo design projects, start with a Core session. This allows us to clarify your brand and design websites on a new level. We spend a 1/2 day running three exercises that help to define the brand, build user personas and prioritize goals, e.g. marketing, revenue then efficiency, by learning about your unique vision and goals we can craft the proper solutions. Ready to Start?

Step 2


By looking at your top competitors we can gauge their marketing efforts and understand industry-specific design queues or trends to communicate with your audience more effectively. This research helps us plan and execute to ensure you’re ready to compete out of the gate.


The research process includes developing a sitemap to visually illustrate where each and every page within your website will live and link to each other.

User Journey

By mapping out how a user interacts with your product or service we can uncover the key user pain points, different touchpoints, emotions, and highs and lows of experiences while users are engaged with your products/services.

User Flow

The last step before the creative phase is user flow. This exercise helps us establish the series of steps a user takes to achieve a meaningful goal without any distractions.

Our design strategy helps in scoping out a project and helps us take a customer-focused design approach.

Step 3


This phase is when we begin to see all of our strategy work come to life as polished design concepts. Using the latest programs for ui/ux design and fast prototyping


Web Design

At this stage in website design projects, we review initial concept work with you before expanding the concept into the full suite of wireframes we developed together during our strategy phase. In some cases, we may take a mobile-first design approach if your existing website analytics suggest mobile as the priority device for your audience.  Web Packages

Logo & Identity Design

When approaching a logo design or branding exercise, we first review a series of initial design concepts. Once you have chosen an idea, we point ourselves in that direction and continue to refine the design work until the final sign off. Brand Packages

Step 4

Build & test

Once everyone is on board, and the conceptual artwork is approved, we begin to build and test the project. This phase allows everyone to experience a fully functional design and address concerns before we polish everything off for deployment.

Website Design

By hosting the beta website on a development server allowing you time to experience the working prototype before rolling out the new website design to your audience. This opportunity allows us to put the website through final testing and address any bugs.

Logo Design & Branding

This phase allows us to prepare the final logo design for everyday use in your marketing and continue the brand expansion throughout any peripherals, such as social profile design or creating brand guideline documents.

Step 5


If needed, we migrate your new website to the production server and run it through its paces. Our quality assurance efforts aim to iron out any wrinkles before releasing your new website design to the world.


Website Design

In some cases, websites may behave differently from one server to another depending on variables such as server configuration or pre-installed software. During the launch process, I run my checklist to ensure everything is configured correctly and running smoothly.

Logo Design & Branding

There are standard guidelines that print shops, social media, and other providers will expect when receiving your artwork. The pre-flight process ensures your logo design and brand materials to meet these standards to ensure you have everything you need to reproduce your brand with consistency and confidence.

Step 6

Manage & Grow

Many people believe a design project is finished after Launch, they would be wrong!

After your website is deployed, we monitor performance through tools like Google Analytics, heatmaps, and site pixels. The analytics data help us understand how visitors are engaging with the new web design and how the website is performing in organic search so that we can ensure it’s reaching its full potential.

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