Brand Essentials Package



Ideal for established small to medium business looking to expand their branding understanding and awareness.

With one variation, custom brand color palette, social media pieces, and 3 additional brand collateral items, you’ll receive a full collection of brand assets to elevate and expand your small business’ recognition, both online and offline.

Package Includes

One Hour Brand Design Planning Sessions

One hour brand design planning sessions with you to discuss in detail what makes your brand unique and how to convey that through your own authentic brand visual identity.

Brand Pinterest Inspiration Board Collaboration

Collaboration on a custom brand inspiration moodboard to help visually cultivate your ideal tone and mood that we will work to create through your new brand’s identity.

Thorough Brand Identity Questionnaire

From your brand’s background, your ideal clients, past design experiences and beyond, this questionnaire helps the analytical business owner who might not be as design-minded communicate what they need from their new brand and what they love.

Brand Inspiration Moodboard & Color Palette Design

Uniting your Brand Identity Questionnaire and your Pinterest Inspiration Board, we create a custom style guide that addresses everything from a custom brand color palette, typography pairings, tone, mood, and design aesthetic.

Primary Logo Design

This is the core logo of your brand and should be the primary design used whenever possible. This is the design your brand will be recognized by and will include your full business name, any tagline or additional text, and possibly a brand icon if necessary.

Social Media Cover & Square Profile Photo Design

Knowing the importance of a consistent Social Media presence, you’ll receive a custom Social Media cover photo for the platform of your choice (Facebook or LinkedIn) as well as a square cropped logo Profile photo to use on any or all your social profiles so that your brand is consistent from platform to platform.

Secondary Logo Variation

Along with the primary logo design, I create a complementary variation in alternative shapes to help maximize the opportunities for you to use your branding. The alternative mark is designed to complement your primary logo and are often simplified version so that you can use them in unique ways, separate from the primary.

4 Marketing Materials / Collateral of Your Choice:

No matter how online a business might be, there is nothing quite as powerful as word of mouth marketing. That's why I include a custom Business Card design and your choice of letterhead, thank you cards, postcards, sticker or stamp design, invoices, social media ad, and more. 

Final Print & Web Ready Files

All of your final design files in vector, jpg and PNG file formats, as well as an all black, all white, and color version of your logos, 

Customized Color Palette

Consistency in the color scheme of a brand strengthens its identity in the market. It also helps the brand to stand out and rise against the tight competition in the industry. Further, consistency also gains the trust, loyalty and familiarity of customers.

Custom Brand Style Guide

A detailed guide breaking down the guidelines, styles, and usage instructions for your new brand to help you use each image and logo in the most impactful way possible. Includes color codes, typography styling, and your brand moodboard for brand styling reference.

How can I help you build your brand?

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